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The normal procedure is to fill-up the required application form and submit it along with a cheque for the amount of investment. Cheques and Demand Drafts are accepted. Payment by cash is not allowed. The agent/distributor would submit the application form with the cheque to the mutual fund company. The mutual fund company would issue you an Account Statement with 4 working days from the date of investment.

The investor can invest into the Mutual Fund by following ways,

1. Lump sum- Where an investor is investing his/her money one time or irregularly

2. SIP(Systematic Investment Plan)- Where an investor is investing on a regular interval like, daily, monthly, quarterly etc. Through this an investor can beat the market volatility greatly.

3. STP(Systematic Transfer Plan)- Here initially an investor invests into a mutual fund and thereafter from this fund, regularly money transfer to another mutual fund. When an investor has the lump sum money and he/she wants to do a SIP, this is the best way.