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Vivek Financial Services is one of India's leading Finalcial Product Distribution firm that offers honest and independent services. Our vision is to be the most respected institution that helps common people to achieve their Financial Goals & Aspirations, by empowering them with credible research and quality personalised services, while striving to build a culture where honesty and ethics come above all else.

Our mission is: " Sukh - O - Samriddhi "

Come make a personal pledge to improve your lifestyle and lead a fulfulling life!

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Vivek Financial Services is committed towards keeping the permanent smile of joy and happiness on the face of its clients. We made a visual road map of those potential areas that can offer our clients an opportunity of saving maximum from the hard earned money so that they can reach their financial Goal smoothly. And regarding this we always take fiduciary approach.

Mr. Surojit Das


Sri. Surajit Das renders valued service to us in the field of Insurance , Mediclaim and Investments. His wisdom enriches us to be wiser and navigates us in the right direction. Securing a new business is not his motto .He rather focuses on quality servicing to his existing clients and remains extreme supportive at the time of settlement of claims also.We feel safe and cool to leave our Investments / Insurance in his hand. With the passage of time Surajit has proved himself as a freind in need is a freind indeed. Thank you.


Mr. Subhra Sankar Saha

Manager Indirect Taxation, Reliance Industries



Vivek Financial Services headed by Surajit Das is a company whom you can trust completely with all your financial services. Whether you want to make an investment for future, buy your car insurance or settle your mediclaim, they are always by your side helping you with their experience and unmatched services. In todays world where you are always hounded by dubious companies trying to sell you products for their own benefit, Vivek Financial Services has built a trustworthy name with their honesty and transparency.

Mr. Sourav Saha




I, Swapan ghosal of Hara, P.S – Haripal at Dist – Hooghly, with above 70 years of age, am one retired person of lower medium income group, At present I have no other income excepting my monthly pension and some small savings. In this situation I have faced six different operations out of which two were knee replacement of my wife which coast almost 2.5 lacks per knee. Besides this long continued medical treatment of my wife and me has made my family expenditure out of reach for a person like me.

All these have been made possible for me by the brotherly aid and guidance of one organization name “VIVEK FINANCIAL SERVICE” Their skilful projects have made myself able and confident in facing all such difficult financial hazards. My Savings and my medical insurance which I stated as per the guidance and instruction of Mr. Surajit Das, who is the CEO of “VIVEK FINANCIAL SERVICE”, at the time of my retirement have made myself very confident able and tension free with financial ability to bear such financial and mental discomfort in all such difficult situation.

I convey my heartily blessings and good wishes to this organization and their CEO Mr.Surajt Das of Konnagar, Dist – Hooghly for their future status and pray to god for their huge success in future to serve all such low and medium income group persons like me and help them to overcome their future financial hazards.

Swapan Ghosal



Surajit Das and his team Vivek Financial Services deserves appreciation not just for their personalised service,sound knowledge and helping attitude,the efficient team is growing to be a deep-rooted tree with strong,reliable hands.I,personally,am thankful to the whole team as it makes me feel like ensconcing me in a comfort zone amidst the false promises of many engaged in this profession

Mrs. Piu Chakraborty




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