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Basic Concept

Soon after assessing the needs and knowing about the existing financial position of clients, we look forward towards solving them instantly. The broad range of services allows our clients to get rid of all possible financial worries within stipulated period of time. Focusing on those tasks first, which are extremely important for you and the motto of striking while iron is hot makes us extremely superior in services to others.

In association with our rich and highly accomplished team of professionals, we work towards actively monitoring, supervising, and judging the active needs of clients. Here are some of our advanced services that are masterly performed by us:

Goal Based Financial Planning

Buying a house, seeking an early retirement, establishment of business, providing good education to your kids, getting them married, going on holidays, the wish list never comes to an end. Each one of us carries one and other goals matching with their own life styles. Furthermore, it would not be incorrect to say that if we remain aware about our own goals, then we do all potential efforts to make them true. This is how it becomes necessary to include goal based financial planning services so that one can put in the best to satisfy the overall financial needs.

Goal based financial planning process of VFS confronts you with the reality of what you want out of your life. An accurate goal based financial planning of ours opens a new way by working in the similar direction of achieving your goals. For further assistance on goal based financial planning, consult VFS advisory team today!

Retirement Planning

In today’s fast moving world, planning towards your retirement can no longer take a back seat. If planned carefully, you can make your retirement period as glorious as your present employed career. A successful planning towards retirement can in no way hit hard on your financial status, as the right planning can ensure you with the same lifestyle till the time you live.

Retire with dignity, sounds great in itself. Ensure that the time when you retire you should be liable in carrying enough funds, which prospers in meeting with your expenses by maintaining the same established life style. Just do not let your financial worries spoil your precious retirement days. Initiation of savings habits today in your financial career can help you to realise your dreams after your retirement.

As soon as many of us reach the stage of retirement, the disability in our financial status becomes a major area of concern. During this period, the income generally stops but the expenses do not. In order to realise your dreams of retirement, we help you every step of the way in making a successful planning for you.

How crucial is retirement planning for you? What time appears to be best for you to invest? How planning in advance turns out to be fruitful for your coming years? Our experts can help you with the best solutions to the above questions and any other that may be of concern to you

Choose excellent retirement planning related services from us and let your money grow for your previous retirement years.

Estate Planning

An estate is considered to be as the total property, whether real and personal owned by an individual prior the distribution of trust or will. The distribution of both the real and personal property among its prospective heirs comes inside an estate planning. The aim to preserve the maximum amount of wealth during the possibility of an intended beneficiaries and flexibility towards the prior death of an individual comes under estate planning.

Your “estate” is an inclusive of all property owned by you at the time of your uncertain death. Your bank accounts, life insurance policies, real estate, personal property and even your other securities ,all are treated as your valued estate.

No one likes to think about their own mortality; however Estate Planning is one of your most important financial obligations. VFS believe that the wealth that you work a lifetime to create should be protected. For this reason, we offer Estate Planning strategies to provide our clients with the comfort and peace of mind given an unfortunate event.

Who does not want that their loved one would remain financial feasible even after your death? To make this possible even in your absence, the implementation of estate planning is definite to make. All the existing legal questions related to your financial status are actively solved by a well qualified estate planner. An experienced estate planning attorney of our well established organization can recognize you with all the options which are available to meet the basic estate goals of yours and your loved ones in mind.

Understanding of the right estate planning option turns out to be absolutely feasible in solving your complex financial worries, as the availability of resources available promises in uplifting you and your family financial status to extreme heights.

Tax Planning

Are you the one who is tired of spending every last quarter financial year in extreme worries? Looking forward to save huge on your income tax? If yes, then tax planning alone is considered to be a way of conceiving and implementing various strategies in order to bring a curtailment in the amount of taxes you pay. The sole purpose of tax planning is the arrangement of your financial affairs so that the amount paid each year can be minimised.

The hidden benefits of a successful tax planning include huge savings on money by minimizing the tax liability legally. You can further invest the saved money to attain the investment benefits later in future. Side by side, it reduces your stress and worries by granting you an absolute peace of mind year after year.

With the excellent guidance and advice of VFS, you get a chance to afford many of the significant and legal tax savings guides, which can certainly help you in receiving the most competitive savings and extreme security than any other provider. By keeping your current financial crisis under control and providing excellent tax benefit on the basis of your age, liabilities and personal preferences, we focus in converting your unbearable expenses into a bearable one.

Without even misinterpreting the fundamental right to avail tax incentives introduced by the Government, we advice tax reduction techniques through a proper planning instead of allowing you to suffer by not paying your tax. Operating fully on the KISS principle and the usage of deductions for your benefits further adds in lowering your tax related amounts instantly.

Risk & Insurance Management

Identifying and knowing about those threatening areas that could severely impact or play havoc with your financial career comes under a risk management and planning. The risk management is a systematic way of thinking about all the possible risks, disasters and other consequences, which carries a potential to ruin your financial independence.

A well and an accurate management of risk provide a clear and structured approach towards the risk identification. Knowing about the major risk areas allows an organization or an individual to study their major prioritize areas to bring a curtailment from several other future losses. Risk management is an answer of the questions like what can take the wrong shape? What are the things, which can prevent such mishaps? How can we tackle the risks ruining our financial career?

VFS core aim is to assess the existing uncertainties so that the fruitful future decisions can be best possibly made. Along with this, risk management services of ours not only eliminate the uncertain instability in the financial career but also focus in reducing the opportunity of your finances to be further utilised ineffectively.

For better decisions, improved planning and stabilized financial career seek our risk management & insurance services directly

Our risk assessment includes:

• Assembling relevant information about your business and market

• Identifying the major risks facing your organisation

• Developing a risk strategy

• Implementing the risk management procedures

Fixed Deposit

For those who all are desperately looking forward towards securing their money and wanted to obtain more than invested after few years, fixed deposit services are surely for them.

A fixed deposit facility offered at VFS guarantees to provide you higher rate of returns on every investment. Some of the fixed deposit benefits available with us include:

• We aims at offering you greater safety and security

• Guarantees to earn regular income for prolonged period of time

• Focus towards giving you expert tax savings tips

• Help you to obtain the best by offering you good interest rates

• Supports towards giving you choices of extensive tenors

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management initiates the range of professional services that are focused to manage an individual’s securities of stocks and bonds. The practice of making wise investment decisions by accepting the largest possible returns, portfolio management services specifically help clients towards managing the money and futuristic investment wisely.

For those who often find difficulty in allocating the right type of investment, stocks, mutual funds or even money, our portfolio managers support them by providing expert advice on the highly preferable areas. The worries related to asset allocation, knowing about the various investment strategies would undoubtedly minimize the worries of clients, if discussed within time.

VFS portfolio management service focuses:

• Towards reliably maintaining the security as well as safety of principal amount

• Reduces the loss of capital and income by diversifying the investment into several other securities

• Works towards stabilizing the flow of income

• Concentrates on minimizing the tax burden for the maximization in wealth every year

• Clarify as well as identify the classes of various assets to allocate the purpose of investment

• Allows an absolute peace of mind as you need not to worry about your investments and pensions

• Relieve your financial career from day to day hassles and works towards achieving the client’s objectives

Home Loans

VFS understands that home loans come under those important sources, which work towards fulfilling your precious dream of buying a home.

What type of loan is desirable for you and knowing in detail about your credit history are some of the areas on which our financial advisors concentrates. Choose our home loans services and obtain the following benefits:

• Expert home buying advice without even paying a single penny

• Practical, proficient, and personalised support on your basic financial areas

• Repayment and informed investment decisions instantly